The last few years have been particularly tough in the U.S. Bickering has become a national pass time and we have moved farther and farther from understanding each other. Pineapple Comics is in many ways a response to this. It’s a place to laugh, see the good in life, and wistfully long for our innocence.

Pineapple is silly, naive, foolish, gullible, inept, and utterly, heart-breakingly hopeful. (He’s basically the author plus hope). But he has a dark side too, for as much as he applies this hope to the world, he can’t apply it to himself and his own life. He’s caught in the midst of believing the best of everyone but himself and constantly makes choices that sabotage his own interests (Like I said, the author plus hope).


Pineapple – the silly, naive, foolish, gullible, inept and heart-breakingly hopeful main character.

Tom – the saddest tomato you’ll ever find and one of Pineapple’s best friends.

Pear – pineapple’s girlfriend whom he loves unconditionally. Sometimes she remembers who he is.

Pomegranate – Pineapple’s nemesis, but only because he can’t see a friend staring him right in the face.